Ed Sheeran’s mother name is Imogen Sheeran. Imogen has been really loving and supportive since the beginning of Ed Sheeran’s career. Ed also has told in alot of interviews that he won’t be able to come this far without the support of his amazing family.

Imogen Sheeran is a jewellery maker and also a full line of pieces were inspired by Ed’s out going character as well. One of the Imogen’s jewellery were also been worn by British Royal Family Kate Middleton during a charity event.

Ed Sheeran’s Father’s name is John Sheeran. John also showed major love and support towards Ed from the start of his career and has been really close to him till date.

John Sheeran is an experienced History/Art Educator. John Sheeran also ran an art consultancy firm with his wife Imogen Sheeran.

Ed once told in an interview that the best thing that his career has given him is that he’s able to help his parents live their dreams not just through money but also alot of amazing stuff that he could do and give them an amazing lifestyle.

Ed Sheeran’s elder brothers name is Matthew Sheeran.

Matthew Sheeran is also an English singer, composer and musician. Having grown up in a house with full of instruments around Matt and Ed developed a deep passion for music early in their life.

Matthew Sheeran started his first project as a composer in an episode of “Love Music” which aired in 2016.

Matthew Sheeran and his brother Ed Sheeran have collaborated on projects as well. Ed and Matthew co wrote Ed’s most popular track “Perfect” which was also sung by Ed and Italian Singer Andrea Bocelli.

Ed Sheeran’s wife name is Cherry Seaborn.

Cherry Seaborn is a former Hockey athlete in New York and also is a British advisory consultant who is married to the Perfect Singer/Songwriter, Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn went to Thomals Mills School together . After Cherry Seaborn’s graduation Ed and Cherry lost touch. They met again in a New York party and had their first date.

Ed proposed Cherry in December 2017 and they got married in January 2019 according to some sources. Although they kept their marriage secret and revealed it in an interview.

Ed also has two amazing and beautiful daughters named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran and Jupiter Seaborn Sheeran.


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