1. Paris

Paris known as France’s capital, is generally a European city and also a global center for fashion, art, gastronomy, and its culture. Its cityscape is crisscrossed by the wide boulevards and the amazing River Seine. Beyond the famous landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and also the Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral, the city is also known for its cafe culture and the fashion designer boutiques. It is one of the amazing travel destinations to visit at first place.

Effeil Tower being the one of the Seven Wonders of the World serves its importance itself. Paris is certified as the most visited country as in tourist attraction and also being popular for most of the couples making it a symbol of love and peace. For every person Paris generally has a special vibe concluding it to give Paris a must needed visit.

2. New York

New York is known as one of the costliest cities to live in the world but besides that people love to stay here. The environment of New York is so refreshing that it is surrounded by so many tourists attractions like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, & The Wall Street are just some of the globally recognized attractions, considered with New York City. Then there is the Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, and also so many other locations too. The New York City is comprised of all these things, and if you ask a random person, almost anywhere in any part of the World, where ever they are located, they also would agree as New York is a lovely place to stay and have fun.

Times Square being the most crowded are of New York shows the variety in culture, race, ethnicity, attire, food and various other things that generally makes New York of one of the best places to visit. Not only that New York has various other monuments like Statue of Liberty that may make visitors seem more excited and enjoy the tour to New York.

3. Dubai

Want food? Dubai offers food trucks to the amazing food restaurants with a variety of dishes from various continents.

Want Shopping? Dubai Mall is known as the largest mall in the world which located in Dubai. So Dubai has way much to offer those who are looking for shopping.

Want Fun? You can go for a drive at Dubai Autodrome Centre or have an amazing experience at the SkyDive Dubai

Want Entertainment? Dubai has Legoland Bollywood Park, Motiongate, and many other amazing attractions.

Dubai has really much to offer for the tourist section delievering various other facilites for the guests arriving at Dubai. Dubai has so much innovative things to try in various fields that would keep anyone so busy that they might would wanna stay in Dubai for as long as they can. Dubai generally serves them a really rich and fresh environment to enjoy with their families and friends and have an amazing time. Dubai also has some strict rules but seeing the popularity and various other aspects that makes Dubai as one of the essential places that every person needs to visit in 2018.


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