Messenger Lite

If you are a Facebook Messenger user then consider Messenger Lite over the main Messenger app. As Lite is a  down version of the app allowing to getting rid of all the unused data whcih makes the main app alot slower. But you will lose some of the app’s more features such as polls, insights, and video chatting, for some time but you’ll get an amazing time using this app.



Datally is generally a new application from Google itself. It actually controls and also keeps track of mobile data usage. This app also includes a WiFi finder to make sure that people spend less time on their mobile data. This app also keeps track of various other things like WiFi quality, app usage, and also real time stat tracking which could help in many ways. Google really helped in making this one simple. It is not quite as powerful as some large apps like the GlassWire app. But, still it is a bit easier to use than most of the apps in the android market itself. This app is totally free with no add in purchases.

PK Fitness

PK Fitness is a new and amazing fitness app that could actually help an individual to focus more on his own health thus resulting in suggesting many amazing exercises that would help one to work according to the specific area of his body and thus improve his body structure. It also focuses much more on the goals rather than the main exercises and allows to have an easy workout. These days looks are more important at fitness rather than the health itself. Alright talking about the app seems to work much well. This app thus tracks movement of the body and has various other amazing features resulting in a better body gains that would help one to achieve its goals as per focusing on goals it also reminds one what to do and in which time. So make sure you suggest one another to try this app.

Files Go

It is a generally a file manager app which offers some suggestions to the users helping to know that there are certain useless files in the system which are needed to be deleted instantly and also allows an option to delete them instantly. It also allows offline data transfer from one person to another person’s mobile whoever uses the FilesGo App and considering it as a secure hotspot for a way generally to transfer to another one. So this app might turn much useful for many people if it is used in a correct way thus may make your life a bit easier helping you and freeing up your phone space by clearing files out.



Storyboard is generally the second new Google application which launched this month. This app is really unique as it creates a story based on what type of video you put in the application resulting in a comic style based story to come on screen as such including much colorful magical and unique way of displaying the video itself on to the video and also shows the contrast of using it.



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