Top 5 Facts about Ed Sheeran You Never Knew | 2018

1. He names his guitars

Which are Cyril, Trevor, Keith, Nigel, Lloyd, Felix, and one that does the battle re-creations at the weekends, James -The Second.

2. Ed is anti-smartphone

While he was away from music. He was actually travelling the world to visit countries he had toured but never seen very much of so he ditched his iPhone and never really wanted to go back to it. As Ed said in an Interview“I enjoy life without a phone as it’s a lot less hassle,” he said

3. Ed Sheeran has a well cultured family

His dad John is generally an art historian and his mom designs amazing jewellery and his brother Matthew is basically a classical composer and then there is our gingerbread man.

Ed Sheeran Family
Ed Sheeran Family

4. Ed Sheeran’s cat has many Twitter followers way more than you.

In 2014, Sheeran created a Twitter account for his kitten, Graham, who notched up 71,000 followers almost overnight by sitting on a guitar, demanding milk and proudly telling the world every time he shat the bed. Follow him @GrahamShizza.

When music from ‘X’ suddenly appeared online unexpectedly, Ed Sheeran feared he had blown his big comeback. But no one could tell they were his songs & the leak generally went by virtually unnoticed.


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