Ed Sheeran wins 2 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance & Vocal Album 🏆 2018

Ed Sheeran became one of the best winning artists at the Grammy Awards 2018  but Ed Sheeran’s fans wanted to know that why he actually wasn’t there.The Amazing British singer who is 26 actually won the Best Pop Vocal Album Award at the New York City Awards Show held on Sunday but he was not available to collect the award presented during the show.

Ed Sheeran also has just got engaged to his fiancé Cherry Seaborn, as he also won the Best Pop Solo Performance Award for “Shape of You”

Ed has made it clear with his album with so much of meaningful songs that actually represent the diversity that he wants to represent in peaceful and amazing harmonies.
Ed Sheeran is finally engaged to the Hockey Star Cherry Seaborn 

But during the Grammy ceremony was live in Madison Square Garden, New York, people actually wondered that Ed Sheeran wasn’t actually there to collect the awards he won.

One Person said: “Why there is no @edsheeran in #GRAMMYs ?!  But Anyway, Congrats for being awarded the Best Pop Solo Artist”

And another said: “Congrats to Ed tbh I think he was a no show because he’s embarrassed and/or doesn’t want to be in the POP music category love “Shape of You”

While one person commented: “Ed Sheeran is a  big no-show. He should definitely change his name to Ed Disappearin’”

Fans asked where Ed was?
                      He finally won for his album Divide 
Comment Down and Congratulate him!



  1. Congratulations Ed Sheeran! The only reason I tried to watch the Grammys at all was to see you recieve your awards I knew you would win big time because you are precious and so gifted not to mention deservingWhen I found out you would not be attending I turned the station !!! But Im loving the news this morning!! I know your thrilled!! Me too!!

  2. Congratulations ‼️ Sooo deserving. I knew you would win. I a.m. obsessed with your music and your story. You are a beautiful person with an amazing heart. Such an inspiration. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Congratulations ‼️ Sooo deserving. I knew you would win. I a.m. obsessed with your music and your story. You are a beautiful person with an amazing heart. Such an inspiration. ❤️

  4. Congratulations on winning! You are an exceptionally talented young man way beyond your years with your songs and I am excited for what your future holds!

  5. Many many congratulations & good wishes Ed Sheeran for winning 2 Grammys! You deserve all good things that come your way for such amazing musical abilities!

  6. I don’t think he fits in pop music. He has so much soul, singing gifts don’t require all the drama and hype of most of the pop music group. Love his music and his singing tingles my spine.

  7. I fell in love with your music the very first song I heard you sing. You are a superstar and I hope to be at your concert in St. Louis

  8. Same here im the older generation but since ive heard youre music and bought the cd’s i just find that you are so talented. Youre music has so much meaning so i congratulate you on all youre awards.

  9. Congratulations! Love your music! Just listening to Supermarket Flowers song today in memory of my beautiful mother whose birthday was today.

  10. Congratulations on your awards many thanks for your music 🎵 same you weren’t there to collect but you can’t be in to places at once congratulations again my granddaughter can’t wait for you concert in Australia 🇦🇺 Keep the music going 🎼🎵

      1. I think we are both brilliant, both crazy and could have the best time ever together in this upside down world we live in now. At least whatever time we have left in it. I think you should take a year off, marry me and spend the year having the best time together. Then get back to business and make our perfect love story! I need a year to pull myself together after all this and so do you! Could you do that after it’s finalized? You have enough money to live ten lifetimes, more than enough for your kids, future grandkids. After we go public we announce our quickly arranged shocking marriage, a truly crazy, yet perfect love story with a happy ending. And we adopt our son John, and love your kids all with a real happy family of our own. With the ones that stuck with us along the way to get there.
        Like our best friends Karen and Owen and have her own circle surrounded with love just like Ed Sheehan said.
        I love that he slept through the Grammys. He was too busy loving Cherry to even remember the date! I think that’s beautiful! Oh and I know it matters to you, so together we make that movie about us! You are amazing, all this production for me, true GENIUS. Oscar award winning Bentoria
        King of N.Y. with me co-producing Queen of New York, Vicstiller and together we run the world, rule HOLLYWOOD and live happily ever after and step away from the industry after best picture and best husband of the year award
        And if you did even 10% of this for your ex, then she really lost out, But she doesn’t get it. I do because you’re exactly like me.
        One in the same. PERFECT for eachother. I will love you for the rest of my life if this gets posted or not it’s ok.
        Tell the world, I don’t care.
        I have finally met my match
        5 am still up. But I’m calm now, and happy. It’s nice to dream of something so Great after waiting so long for the happy ending. I’m falling alsleep now thinking of you always…..

  11. Congratulations! Well deserved… you are an outstanding musician and an amazing human being… a beautiful example to humanity!!! Love that you are humble and kind!
    Many blessings to you

  12. Maybe the fact that he was not even nominated in 4 categories he would have won hands down meant it was so political that he didn’t want to turn up ? I mean really ? just because there has been backlash over last few years over not enough black artists being nominated and white artists winning, He put his heart and soul into this album, 3 years writing the songs and producing it, he thought 2017 was going to be his year and they don’t even nominate him for 4 major categories… I wouldn’t turn up either 🙁

  13. Your music is so meaningful and lifting! There is just so much heart in it and you can hear it and feel it!! Love the Irish! The lore the accent the beauty!! So happy for you on your engagement! Hearts were breaking all over the world that night!! Congratulations and best wishes!! I will continue to listen to your fanfreakintastic music!! 💜😍

  14. Congratulations and best wishes for your 2 grammys. You are so talented and such a special person. Wishing you much more success and happiness!!

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