Ed Sheeran’s fiancée Cherry Seaborn shows the Perfect Engagement Ring that Ed gave her 💍

Ed Sheeran’s fiancée Cherry Seaborn offered the first glimpse of her engagement ring as she stepped out in London – less than a week after the couple announced their engagement.

Whilst she appeared dressed down in a simple black jumper and black trousers, Cherry’s impressive diamond sparkler was clear to see.

They announced their engagement on Saturday after more than two years together, with a touching snap of them both on Instagram. And Ed Sheeran’s fiancée, Cherry Seaborn, was spotted with her sparkling engagement ring for the first time on Tuesday in London.The 24-year-old sported a simple ensemble as she stepped out in the capital with the large diamond, after Ed, 26, popped the question last week.

The beauty finished off her look with heeled black loafers and a simple bag, keeping her skin completely natural.

Cherry’s appearance came as Ed’s close friend Russell Crowe hinted that the pair might have already been engaged for eight months, despite the news only breaking a few days ago.

Ed developed a crush on his pretty classmate but any chance of romance was cut short as academic Cherry transferred to America to attend Duke University in Durham, North Carolina where she studied for a degree in molecular biology.

While rocker Ed dropped out of school at 16 to pursue a career in the music industry – which paid off beyond his wildest dreams as he rocketed to global superstardom off the back of hugely successful award-winning albums.

Ed Sheeran talks about Cherry Seaborn

In 2015 Ed left fans heartbroken when he announced he was stepping away from the limelight and taking a year off social media and a year away from music.

After hitting a low-point, Ed opted to use some of his extraordinary wealth to tour the world – including a stop in Cherry’s new place of residence.


“This has been the first time I’ve ever actually had the time to fall in love pro


perly. I’ve always got into relationships very passionately — I’m a redhead and also Irish,” Ed previously said of the early days.

Desperate to get in touch with the roots after so much success, Ed took the step of reaching out to his best old school friend.Luckily, Cherry was delighted to hear from her school friend and it was not long before the pair were generally spotted enjoying each others company in the States – and were actually photographed at various baseball games.


We are so happy to see them together. Share if you are too and comment down on which song do you want them to dance on their wedding “Thinking Out Loud” or “Perfect”? Comment down.



  1. Beautiful ring, but their love to me is more beautiful than any ring in the world! Money isn’t everything but it’s nice to have. I’ll take true over money anyday and have before!
    But congrats and best of luck

    1. Perfect Such a beautiful couple. They seem so happy together and the ring is beautiful. Ed did a beautiful thing by taking the time to be together. I think she will complement him he is more quiet and she seems like she can help him get over that. But most of all they seem like they are so in love.

  2. Perfect 💗😭
    I don’t ever watch the Music shows, but I love the X factor UK that is the only one that I’ve ever watched faithfully and would always have it recorded in case I wasn’t home, I heard this song for the first time on X factor UK, and ever since then I hear it all the time and I think of my son and his girlfriend and thought that that would be a beautiful song for their wedding even though they didn’t know each other as kids but how they are together they look like their kids with a mad crush on each other I shared this song with her one morning on her way to church with me for the first time and she was wondering who he wrote that song for now we know that song would be “perfect”

  3. Αγγίζει όλες τις καρδιές αυτό το τραγούδι! Είναι τέλειο το perfect αφού ακριβώς έτσι γίνεται με όλους τους ανθρώπους! Περιγράφει ακριβώς τις σκέψεις ερωτευμένου και συναισθήματα που εκπέμπει για την σύντροφο ! Είναι ιδανικό για 1ο τραγούδι του γάμου μα κι επετείων γάμου ! Ή απλά να το αφιερώνεις από καρδιάς στο άλλο σου μισό !

  4. You’re terrific. Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep playing. But most importantly…..Keep being who you are……the guy you were born to be! Don’t lose that God-given humility. Just be YOU. Thank you!

  5. My youngest granddaughter and I are very smitten with your music!! She’s 9 1/2 and hoping we will be able to see you in New Orleans in October!! She would love to meet and greet but I probably won’t be able to afford backstage VIP!! Hopefully I can save enough before they are sold out🤞 Keep on rocking you’re amazing!! And congrats on your engagement!!

    1. Pefect is a beautiful song and you actually wrote it for her so it might be a good wedding dance. So happy you won the Grammy 2018. Love you two together. Hope you have a lifetime full of memories and fun. Have fun always.

  6. PERFECT is the most beautiful song I ever heard. I heard it for the 1st time today Feb. 4 2018. It is the video you were singing in Italy. Tears ran down my face as I listened. My soul swam. I never had a song that literally moved my whole being . This one did. Thank you. You are awesome.

  7. Perfect, that you are…love the music, all of it…hope to see you in Michigan in Sept. of this year…God bless you and yours,,,

  8. Perfect ❤ as i think its the perfect song for them to dance too its so them. Congrats to you both wishing you both all the best for the future.

  9. Perfect…. Ed wrote it for her and they make the most perfect pair. Ed seems so calm and at peace right where he is in life.
    I do believe in God bringing people together for a reason, he needed her and she needed him. I think they will make beautiful babies. They are both so smart, and I am sure Ed will teach them Music 🎶 I wish them much love & a lifetime of happiness ❤️

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