Ed Sheeran wants Beyonce to sing “Perfect” at his wedding for Cherry Seaborn ❤

Ed Sheeran reportedly wants Beyonce to sing at his upcoming wedding to Cherry Seaborn.

The chart-topping singers collaborated on Ed’s single Perfect Duet last December. And according to an insider close to the flame-haired star, he’d like the Crazy in Love artist to take to the stage when he gets hitched.

“He’s been working with Beyonce and is hoping she will perform at the bash, which he says will be like a mini festival,” the source told British magazine Closer.

Ed is also allegedly planing on inviting plenty of his celebrity friends to the event, including Harry Styles, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift, both who previously dated the One Direction star.

And Ed has supposedly requested that the day be as fun yet laid back as possible.

“Ed’s hired a wedding planning team and has given them an unlimited budget – insisting he just wants it to be the best party ever,” the insider said. “Guests will dine on traditional favourites like bangers and mash and pie and gravy – as well as being able to drink beers and ales, instead of champagne and cocktails.”


Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn.

The couple, who are old school friends, will reportedly tie the knot in the grounds of their home in Suffolk, where it was recently revealed that Ed has bought four properties next to each other in order to create his own country estate. This provides the perfect space for starting a family, which the source believes is something both Ed and Cherry are hoping for.

“They want at least four or five kids and Ed says he can’t wait to get cracking on making some mini Eds!” they laughed.

Where is Cherry Seaborn from?
British Cherry met Ed Sheeran at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk, where the crooner is believed to have had a crush on his classmate.



The pair finished their secondary education there.

Cherry then attended Duke University, which is located in Durham, North Carolina.

After months of dealing with a long distance relationship with Ed, The Sun exclusively revealed that the 24-year-old had moved back to the UK from the US to be with the Divide singer. She even led her hockey team to back-to-back British University championships in 2012 and 2013.


On Duke’s official website, Cherry said: “Ever since I was in high school I’ve always wanted to study in the United States.

“I looked into different schools that were good academically and also at hockey, and Duke was one that really jumped out at me.

“I made my decision purely based on recommendations.

“Duke has such a good name in England, and there were a lot of people who told me to go there. There were also some English girls [at Duke], so I talked to them too.”


Before Cherry returned back to British soil, it was rumoured that she worked as an Advisory Consultant at Deloitte & Touche LLP in New York.

Ed and Cherry have only been pictured together a handful of times but that might soon be changing.SPLASH NEWS
Ed and Cherry have only been pictured together a handful of times but that might soon be changing.
What does Cherry Seaborn do?





When did Cherry Seaborn and Ed Sheeran get engaged and how long have they been dating?

It’s believed that the loved-up couple have been in a relationship since 2015.

At first, they kept their dating life under wraps.

But the couple were pictured kissing for the first time in 2016 when his close friend Taylor Swift threw them a party to celebrate their one year anniversary.

Ed Sheeran revealed that he had proposed to Cherry Seaborn over the Christmas holiday on Instagram.

The Sun has known for some time that things were getting serious between the couple, especially after Ed hinted that he might like to tie the knot with the hockey player in the future.

When asked if his relationship with Cherry has the potential to be a “marriage thing”, the 25-year-old said: “I’m pretty…yeah I feel pretty good about it.”

Ed also confessed he’d “love” to start a family with his old school pal.

During an appearance on Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Ed said: “Yeah, potentially. I would like some kids.”

And although Ed and Cherry don’t have any sprogs just yet, they are now engaged and indeed living together – and have pet cats to parent.

Ed also previously gushed about being “ready” for fatherhood.


He said when asked if he was excited to become a dad in the future: “Massively, yeah. I wanted to be a dad, like, last year.

“I’m ready, let’s go – tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around.”


  1. ive never ever loved music as much as I love ed sheerans music. his music is perfect and it can change my mood from bad to wonderful in a heartbeat. im serious. im 59 yo and have lived a life of great childhood . to being a young mother at 17 yo. and being in and out of relationships like it was going out of style. I loved and still love my children adults now. im not perfect but … I could have lived a perfect life if I just listened to my mother who was perfect. she passed in 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2013.. and im still here. she was widowed raising 12 of us. and she lived her life to the fullest. I was too busy being #/^&&((/!/^&*( ME .. NOBKDYS FAULT BUT MINE. IF I COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. I WOULD HAVE BEEN A PERFECT MOTHER. AND GAVE THEM A PERFECT LIFE. BUT NOBODYS PERFECT. ED SHEERAN IIS PERFECT EXAMPLE. HE HAS PERMISSION TO WRITE A SONG ABOUT MY UNPERFECT LIFE. IT WILL BE A BESTSELLER. I GUARANTEE. JUST A PLAIN GIRL WITH 5 KIDS THREE BABIES DADDYS. ABOUT 16 GRAND K I DS 4 STEPCHILDREN. WHEW I HAD A HAPPY SAD WONDERFUL CRAZY LIFE. BUT WHO CARES WE HAVE ED SHEERAN MUSIC. THATS ALL WE NEED.

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