Ed Sheeran tells How he met the love of his life “Cherry Seaborn” and made a Perfect Love Story ❤ ♡

After announcing his engagement to Cherry Seaborn this week, many Ed Sheeran fans are wondering about how the two ended up together.

Although they’ve kept their relationship largely under wraps since 2015, Sheeran and Seaborn have actually known each other for most of their lives. Their parents knew each other and they attended the same school — before Sheeran went on to become a pop star, and Seaborn went to work on wall Street.

Sheeran loves to gush about his now-fiance, so here is everything he has said about the future Mrs. Sheeran.

How Cherry balances him out: “I know the one person that’s going to remain constant is Cherry,” the “Perfect” singer told US in 2017. “I should just enjoy this [celebrity status] while it’s there, but not let it become my reality. Because that’s not the reality I want to live in. One of the main points of being in a relationship with me, you have to be really f—king sociable and good at talking to people, because I will be dragged away loads at parties and events. And Cherry’s perfect at it. She makes friends with everyone.”

When the sparks flew — literally — at Taylor Swift’s July 4 party: “Well, our anniversary is her 4th of July party,” Sheeran told People last year. “I’ve known Cherry since I was 11. She worked on Wall Street in New York, and I had like six shows [around New York in 2015]. It was around then, and we reconnected. I went on tour again, and then I went to Taylor’s 4th of July party. I was texting [Seaborn], and she was like, ‘I’m in Rhode Island at a 4th of July party,’ and I was like, ‘So am I.’ I kinda said to Taylor, ‘Can I invite one of my old schoolmates?’ The rest is history.”

On going off the grid in 2015:  “This has been the first time I’ve actually had the time to fall in love properly,” Sheeran told Beats 1 last year. “So the catalyst of taking a year off was also the fact that my partner quit her job in New York—which she’s now got back in London, which is really cool — but we were just basically like, ‘Let’s quit our jobs and have a year of forming a tight bond.’ So we went traveling and spent every day for a year together. I’ve probably had three days apart from her in the last year… but we’re very, very strong. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more comfortable. I’ve never been more inspired. I feel like everything’s fallen into place, and it’s fallen into place because I’ve given it the time to fall into place.”

On Cherry’s friendship with Taylor Swift: “Cherry and Taylor have hung out without me quite a few times; I think they have gal chats,” Sheeran told People last year. “I don’t know what they get up to — talking about cats or whatever.”

On their feline family: “Me and Cherry literally had [our cats] from birth, and they think that we’re their mother, from our warmth and our smells,” Sheeran told People in 2017. “Cherry opened the window to let some air in, and she just jumped out,” Sheeran said of the incident. ““Cherry obviously freaked out; she’s in this closed-off garden that we can’t get into because it’s not our garden. So Cherry tied all of her scarves together onto a laundry basket and put food in it and lowered it down and picked her back up. What an idiot, though!”

Their low-key holiday plans: “We bought What Do You Meme?” Sheeran told People just before the holidays. “I’m going to play that with her family. She only lives a couple of miles away from me. So I usually have Christmas at my house and drive over to hers. We do 12 Pubs of Christmas, which is a pub crawl and you have a pint at every pub.”

How she helped him overcome addiction: “We live together now, and I think that was a real help grounding me. I was a 25 year old in the music industry on tour so I just needed someone to balance me out,” Sheeran said on The Jonathan Ross Showlast year.



How she influenced his hit song ‘Perfect’: “I like the situation I’m in at the moment, it’s pretty great,” Sheeran revealed on Radio “We got really hammered and took our shoes off and danced on his lawn and then jumped in the pool,” Sheeran revealed. “And then the next day I was like, ‘that’s a cool story,’ so I put it in a song.”

Starting a family: “I actually think the meaning of life is to start a family and pass on knowledge to them and be loved and be loving, so that is definitely on the cards,” Sheeran told People in 2017. “But not any time soon. I don’t have any time anytime soon. It’s something I really want to put a lot of time into, as well. I don’t want to be constantly on the road trying to raise a child.”


On their engagement: “Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well,” Ed Sheeran said in an Instagram post.



  1. I am so happy for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Cherry seems like a sweet girl and I think you let the world know by writing Perfect for her. Love bad big hugs being sent your way. My advice to you is never go to bed angry. Tell each other you love each other every day as you never know what will happen. Ageee to disagree. Best wishes.

  2. Anyone but Beyoncé, she disrespected our NYPD and is only for Black lives matter. She is a racist, I like your song but wonder if you are a racist like Beyoncé. Why would you want someone like this singing at your wedding a very special day for you and your bride?

  3. Anyone but Beyoncé to sing your song, she disrespected our NYPD and is only for Black lives matter. She is a racist, I like your song but wonder if you are a racist like Beyoncé. Why would you want someone like this singing at your wedding on a very special day for you and your bride?

  4. Anyone but Beyoncé, she disrespected our NYPD and is only for Black lives matter. She is a racist, I like your song but wonder if you are a racist like Beyoncé. Why would you want someone like this singing at your wedding a very special day for you and your bride?

  5. Why Beyoncé, she is a racist, and disrespected the NYPD. WHY WOULD YOU WANT HER TO SING YOUR LOVELY SONG ON YOUR VERY SPECIAL DAY. I love your song, but I am disappointed that you want Beyoncé to sing. Sheds a new light on you.

  6. I had mega pleasure of seeing you live at Wembley on you’re sell out tour,stood & waited for hours & met some fab ppl ❤️then squashed between every soul behind me & the stage,,I’m still speechless 💜I thought I was lucky but you’re both lucky to have each other,good luck for the future together & keep the amazing music coming 💕💕

  7. Ed, that precious woman is a perfect match. I wish y’all, (yes a grandmother from the south) many many years of happiness and good health.
    My husband and I have been married 45 years. He has been fighting cancer for 17 yrs and we are in a place where the Cancer is spreading and we have only one option.
    We have had a wonderful life, been all over the world practically and our love when we listen to your songs – we find ourselves “dancing in the dark”! I asked him
    To dance “under the light of 1000 stars” but he hasn’t asked me yet! Ha
    Take Care or yourself and your beautiful fiancé and love like you just met forever!
    Pam Daniels
    Evans, GA (Augusta, GA)

  8. In the Summer of 2015,when your song ” Thinking Out Loud ” was so poplar. My granddaughter danced with her dad to the song being played.That is why I love that song so much. For her dad passed away that Fall of cancer.Every time I hear it I think of how proud my son was of his daughter & would have done anything in the world to make her happy.Even though he had cancer he managed to stay strong enough to walk her down the Isle and give her away. Thank You for the beautiful words in every song that I have heard,so far.They all seem to remind me of that one special day in May when the world seemed to stand still long enough to let my dear son do something to make his daughter happy.I will say each time I play your song,Thinking Out Loud,I think of my son & his daughter and it brings tears to my eyes.Some happy tears & some sad tears the he isn’t here with us any more.

  9. Ed, I’m so happy for you! I love your music, especially “Perfect” which I believe is the greatest love song I’ve ever heard; that song brings back so many memories when I was young and deeply in love. Thank you for writing it. You be kind and respectful of Cherry or I’ll come there and paddle you. 🙂

  10. ED, love your music, I am going to my First concert ever, in Chicago in april 29 th! I am going outside the box, for your music, I am terrified of crowds!! Congrats.on your engagement, you look good together! Good luck in life!!! Hope my son will be as happy as you are, one day!

  11. I am happy for you too! Love your music! Blessings to you and you future wife! Exciting time for you Two! Keep writing and performing that beautiful music! 💞💞

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