Ed Sheeran gets engaged with his Perfect Love Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran recently announced that he is engaged to his Perfect girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

He posted on Instagram saying that they both “are very happy and in love”,  and also jokes that their cats are also happy for them.

They met in high school although they got together in 2015, spending the most of 2016 traveling the world when he was off from his music




Cherry Seaborn is a hockey player and also helped England win U21’s Bronze at the European Championship in 2012. Ed also told that he and Cherry are planning something special and now they’ve announced their engagement. Let’s see what more is to come.

Ed Sheeran recently released his new song “Perfect” which showed a girl looking exactly similar to his recent girlfriend thus represented his own love story. Ed tells he and Cherry are so much fond of cats and whenever they met they made their cats unite with each other while they spent time together.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn are doing great work in their own fields. While they both achieved success with a lot of hard work and following their passion with full determination leading to where they are now and are still working hard. Seeing this hard working couple now could be an inspiration for many couples. out there.

While the lyrics of Perfect indicate ” I found a love for me”. Well, now we all know what Ed was talking about.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry have kept their relationship private since when Cherry Seaborn returned to the United Kingdom after attending Duke University located in North Carolina in 2016 so that they could spend time together.

Cherry Seaborn provided the inspiration for two of  Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits which are “The Shape of You” and “Perfect”.

We wish Ed Sheeran and Cherry happiness in their upcoming life ahead as a beautiful future awaits for them.We would love to see them married and playing our “Perfect Song”.

Ed Sheeran never compromised with the image created by him as one can observe it from his interviews when he just got into the industry itself and worked really hard for his music. You may not like the music he creates but you would definitely appreciate the work that he puts into anything that he does for his life as well as other people while working and her love Cherry also loves his various qualities that make him a genuine and a really good person from inside. What he does with his guitar and his special things that he puts into the music is really loved by Cherry Seaborn who is Ed Sheeran’s fiance.

Ed Sheeran defines his relationship as the understanding one. They both seem to understand and love each other as well have respect for what they have achieved as well as what they are pursuing to do in the future. Ed Sheeran and his fiance Cherry Seaborn really seem to love each other.


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  1. Your love is so beautiful. You make happy tears in my heart for you both. I see your success (each of you) as totally blessed because you love carries you innerbeauty to anyone who listens. I wish you every joy for giving such beautiful songs that heal my heart.

  2. Congratulations for both.
    And thank for the Perfect song that tells my love story too, after 25 years of suffering knowing nothing about her, we found each other again and we are now living a real love story, and your song is our song.
    Thank you Ed. Be happy.

    1. Congratulations to you both I wish you both the best life and a happy Blessed life with each other always 🙏❤️🎈🎉 keeps on making beautiful music Ed and you should be so proud of your self and I know that the fans love you. But how could we not lol your are a wonderful man with a lovely big heart and soul. God bless. Hugs🙂🙏❤️😘🎈🎉🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 We all love you Ed 😘🙏🎈🇨🇦🎉 now we love your soon to be wife too 🙏😘stay blessed 🙏❤️🎈🎉🎈🎉👋🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. I think it’s so lovely that you found each other again and are going to live your life together. Ed I had never heard your music prior to the Perfect Symphony with Andreas Bocelli and I absolutely fell in love with this version of the song, it is beyond Perfection. You’re a truly talented performer and I look forward to hearing more from you. Cherry is one very lucky lady to have such a beautiful song composed for her. Many blessings to you both. Joy, happiness and and a house filled with love and children for you both. Sincerely and with love Carol Watson ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Just discovered you, Ed. I’m an old lady and my daughter showed me some music sites and I first heard you sing ‘Perfect’ . LOVE YOU and I can’t stop listening to your music. Congratulations on your engagement to Cherry. She is a lovely girl. Good choice.

  5. Hi, the first time I ever heard this song was when my partner of 13 yrs sent it to me via private messenger (Facebook). I have loved listening to it ever since and when it comes on the radio I turn the volume up full tilt. Love it “ Perfect”. . Congratulations on your engagement to Cherry and may you have a lovely life together.x

  6. Absolutely love ❤️ everything about you..as a person. Truly original and dedicated
    Happy for you, so glad you have your fiancé now and a beautiful future together

  7. Best of luck to both of you ! Mr Sheeran you are my number one singer! Just love all your songs and albums! I am partial also to your gorgeous Ted licks! I have 2 sons and a beautiful granddaughter and grandson with that color Red!! I do believe people with Red hair are a special breed! Again Congratulations all the best!!!

  8. congratulations you two perfect peeps. no doubt you will have a beautiful life together
    all my love, a fan in sunny south africa, Estelle

  9. My son and his wife played “Perfect” at his wedding in 2017
    and from then on it has become one of my favs…
    Copied the Lyrics and now boom up loud on my Laptop whenever I wanna hear and sing it with my fav….which is practically every day.
    My husband goes “oh no, not Ed again”…shhh husband…lol

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