Ed Sheeran clears Why he didn’t attend the Grammy’s because of the outrage of fans

Ed Sheeran might have been one of the big winners at the Grammy Awards 2018 – but the flame-haired singer was a notable absentee.

After his name was read out to collect prestigious award including the best pop vocal album category & the best solo performance for number 1 single Shape Of You, announcers were actually forced to generally make Ed’s excuses and no winners speech was really provided.

Fans were really sad as they were unable to see Ed, who has also recently been engaged to his fiancée Cherry Seaborn, and they took it to social media to actually speculate on where he could be and where he should be.

 Some Fans actually wrote:

“Congrats to Ed Sheeran tbh I think he was a no-show because he’s embarrassed or doesn’t want to in the POP music catergory,” guessed one.

While another added: “Ed Sheeran is actually a no-show. He should change his name to Ed Disappearin’”

Some even suggested that it was because his best-selling album Divide ‘ ÷’ hadn’t been nominated for the Album of the Year.

Ed Sheeran recently announced his engagement (Image: teddysphotos/instagram)

But before the speculation got wild, Ed Sheeran, stepped into it to clear up the rumors for himself.

Taking to Instagram, Ed revealed he had missed the star showbiz bash at New York’s Madison Square Garden simply because he actually had been asleep.

“Woke up to the news I won two Grammys last night. Thank you,” Ed wrote it on Instagram alongside a picture of his fluffy cat.

He then wrote that his pussycat was actually doing a ‘celebratory dance’ for him, and wrote “lots of love to everyone,” finished Ed.

Woke up to the news I won two grammys last night. Thank you ! This little fluff-ball is doing a bit of a celebratory dance, lots of love to everyone xx

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What do you think are people overreacting or should Ed have made sure that he attended the Grammy’s?
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  1. Life’s too short. People need to spend there energy on productive things instead of making such a big deal. It is what it is.

  2. If Ed didn’t wanna be in the spot light that’s his choice his sing Perfect has blown up it’s Beautiful and Perfect I have it for my message alert and top song I listen to oce and over Congratulations Ed love from a Big Fan

  3. I think it’s his business and his choice as to which shows he wants to attend, or in this case not attend. I actually like the fact that he did not feel he had to ba an attention seeker and be in the spotlight so many celebrities feel that is owed to them. His music and individuality speaks for itself! Congratulations and may God bless….

  4. Ed Sheeran can do no wrong in my book! He is such a talent the likes of which I have not seen in a long time. I love you Ed, and wish you and your love all the best. Maybe you just wanted to avoid the political bullshit! 😂

  5. Congratulations to Ed! It is no one’s business why he wasn’t there. His music is so Perfect. I Love his music and the tender lovely lyrics. So much CLASS in all his music. I am one of his big fans along with millions that enjoy his awesome creativity. Congratulations Ed! You truly deserve this! Xoxo

  6. I forgot the grammy’s were actually on, and felt Bruno Mars swept the titles pretty clean for awards that I felt Ed couldn’t have been included in nominations. People need to get over themselves that their fav star is a no show! Instead of getting all nasty could anyone have actually considered that maybe something had happened to Ed??? Come on people, get human again! Thanks for all your wonderful music Ed@

  7. His body needed rest. Who cares. It doesn’t change how he preforms. The awards are all about singng on stage now and then we listen to about 20 people getting awards. I recorded it and fast forward through all the unnecessary bull.

  8. I don’t think it’s a big deal! He works hard and he slept. He’s humble and a nice guy! I’m just glad he won cuz he deserves it! It’s good he stayed home, away from all the politics!

  9. I don’t think it’s a big deal. He’s a humble guy and nice as well. He won that’s all that counts. It’s a good thing he stood home, away from all the politics!

  10. I applaud him for taking care of himself.. Sleep is more important than being seen at the Grammys!! The limelight is not for everyone! He’s a genuine person.. 💗💖

  11. Wow people, really!! Just chill. I personally don’t think he has to explain anything to people ad to why he wasn’t there.

  12. It’s his triumph anyway. He can do the best for himself on that day. He needs some privacy, as he don’t belong to public, but himself! Support.

  13. People need to quit judging! He’s been on tour and just got engaged. There are lots of different types of award winners that don’t make it to the award shows for various reasons. My thoughts – unless you’ve walked in their shoes who are you to judge…

  14. Why get upset he wasn’t there to get bashed and boo’d. The Grammy’s was a political bash. Didn’t watch it and won’t have elitists tell me jow to live and who to vote for. You are paid to entertain me period.
    Glad Ed Sheeran wasn’t there. I lile him all the more for it.

  15. I don’t blame him for not going. I thought I would tune I. It didn’t take long to realize they were focusing on crap music. Glad he and Stapleton won! Two artists that actually SING!

  16. He has every right to do whatever he pleases and not be judged. He is great at what he does he doesn’t need an award to tell his fans that!

  17. Congrats Ed!!
    I used to love watching the Grammys but with all the protest going on now it’s more about that than the artists

  18. Music is there to entertain, be it from the soul and experiences of the artist or just to put a smile on a face and a skip in a step. What the song is about and who should have won it itsnt the fault of the artist. The sales and the public voted. You s it now down to artists to sing about their pain and suffering to win a Grammy?? Singing is an art, people liked this master piece and therefore voted for it, it’s catch, it’s motivational, it’s fun, exciting and different. I don’t wanna hear sadness, I wanna hear fun and happy. I’m messed up as it is without hearing about an artists struggle. We vote on what we love not who is struggling the most. And Ed had a terrible start to life, he got bullied, he worked hard to get to where he is. Just because he chooses not to wr Ted about it and parade it in his music that doesn’t make him any less human. His story touched me when I read about it. I’m not a massive fan of the man, I enjoy a few of his songs. But I don’t believe booing and having a go at him is the right thing. Congratulations to you Ed on your Grammy, even if it is about sex and women’s bodies (in a non derogatory manner) it gets my jelly moving and makes me motivated and gets me feeling sexy. My kids and I dance to it all the time. You deserved this Grammy!!!!!

  19. grammies
    The Grammies? Used to like watching when there was actually real music and not so many egos. The show was full of terrible rap crap. Call that music? Think not!!


  20. I totally agree! Seems like everyone is turning away from the meaning of the awards and turning it into a political bashing! That is the reason I chose not to watch this year! It’s about the music and the fans and the celebrities! A time to relax and let all the negativity stay out of it! Music brings such light, joy, love, happiness and some are just when you want to feel down and dirty! But it’s about emotions! NOT politics! I am not sure if this is the reason He decided to sleep in, but you know, I respect him even more if it were! He can do no wrong in my eyes! He is a genuine soul! A genuine young man and CONGRATULATIONS on the new engagement, all the wins and just the man you are!

  21. I think people should shut up and give the guy a brake, at the end of the day he’s human and like the rest of us get tired. Its a disgrace that he had to explain himself.

  22. You are way to groovy for those fakes. I love your music and the “I overslept” was a super cool answer. Keep those beautiful poems coming.

    1. I don’t watch the awards shows. When politics was being brought up & there is too much bashing, bullying, making fun. That is to be a night for us to enjoy & see who wins & the performers. If Ed needed his sleep, so what? He can’t be a good performer without it & be a success as he is now. I think he is remarkable & love to hear his music & song. God bless you Ed with a beautiful future with Cherry. You deserve it.

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